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Maintaining your firearm is one of the most important things you can do for it. LT Arms provides a full slate of grease and oil gun services to ensure that your firearm is cleaned and lubricated to perform at an optimum level.

All parts of a firearm are going to deal with some wear and tear. The mechanical parts come into contact with each other, causing the moving parts to wear down or break after a period of time. Lubricants are required to reduce this effect, and can help make your weapon last longer. Nothing allows your gun to perform better, longer, than routine maintenance. LT Arms will perform these services to your preference, and offer insight into maintaining your gun.

Guns are made by a lot of different manufacturers, and are made from a lot of different parts. Knowing the best options for your maintenance can go a long way in maintaining the quality of your firearm. Different substances can be used to increase performance, and LT Arms takes pride in our extensive knowledge to help differentiate from these various products.

Firearms that aren’t regularly maintained can result in poor performance, which can result in a bad experience or something much more dangerous. LT Arms is here to help deliver optimal maintenance so you can continue having the best experience.

GOG Process

The difference between a broken gun and a working gun is often just a good cleaning. We can clean, oil, inspect and test fire if necessary your firearms to make sure that they are ready for your next hunt or range day. 

  • Clean
  • Oil
  • Polish
  • Refinish


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